Top 10 Reasons for using my services

Reason No. 1
Top Quality Service

Looking at most of my pictures, no matter whether they display happy weddings couples, beautiful models or fascinating landscapes, you can see really top quality photographs. Many of my images were published in various magazines and advertising brochures.

Reason No. 2
Competitive Prices

I offer very reasonable prices and for the same money you gain more than you used to get from other similar companies. The cost of some prints depends on time of delivery while quality is the same or even higher. If you are not in a hurry, you pay less.

Reason No. 3
Long Experiences

When I was twelve I shot my first pictures. A short time after this I was invited to do my first wedding photographs. It has been more than 20 years and during all this time I have been a photographer at many weddings.

Reason No. 4
Wide Range of Services

At the moment you can find 5 different services in wedding photography. I also provide portrait, modelling, advertising and reportage photography.

Reason No. 5
Attractive Discounts

In the pricelist you can find various interesting discounts. I offer quantity and other discounts. As the larger the quantity ordered, as the cheaper price.

Reason No. 6
Digital & Classical Photography

Besides my digital equipment I can use classical reflex camera and shot on film as well. The advantage of film cameras is for example more accurate colour reproduction and still higher resolution.

Reason No. 7
Beautiful & Romantic Moments

When you look at my photographs you can feel everything that comes from them – joy, delight, relaxation, as well as stress or anxiety. Well - all these feelings can be seen in people that is why my images are natural.

Reason No. 8
Significant Awards

During the time I dedicate to photography, I took part in many home and international competitions. I won one home competition with the photograph of Halley’s Comet and my pictures were displayed on a few such final exhibitions.

Reason No. 9
Tailored and Reliable Services

My photographs are tailored to your needs. I think I am reliable person and I ensure that I do as much as possible to take pictures to suite your specific requirements and you are happy with the result.

Reason No. 10
Attention to Detail

I think attention to detail is very important. Once you've booked me, every detail of your photography will be taken care of and all your requests will hopefully be filled.

© Jan Senčák